Gus Teja World Music 系列

峇厘島音樂家Gus Teja與夫人特別錄製多首美妙動聽的歌曲,祝福大家
疫情期間,Gus Teja伉儷,以聖湖這首音樂,祝願各位家人平安幸福

Hello everyone.
I am Gus Teja from Bali, Indonesia.
我是來自峇厘島的Gus teja
I regret that our performance cannot be held as anticipated.
My original plan was to return to the Nature Loving Wonderland in Spring 2020.
As the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us around the world, the performance has to be cancelled.
I am looking forward to return to Taiwan and to perform for everyone.
Let us pray together for strength and determination to face this pandemic,
我們共同祈求 希望我們擁有堅定的力量來面對這場疫情
to reveal our love and beauty, to care for one another, and to be stronger than ever before.
一起展現我們的愛與美 互相關懷 更加堅強
Let us believe that the pandemic will end soon and everything will return to normal.
相信疫情會早日平息 一切都會回歸正常

May you all have peace and happiness.
祝福大家 平安幸福
Thank you very much.